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Amanda Bi
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Lucy Lu
Exec Producer
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Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott (p.g.a.)
Exec Producer
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Gung-Ho Films is the leading production services company in China and Hong Kong. Founded in 2001, Gung-Ho Films has consistently provided high-quality support to top film and TV production companies from around the world.

Gung-Ho Films is extremely privileged to have worked with many award-winning directors, cinematographers, and photographers, including Alejandro Iñárritu, Spike Jonze, Oliver Stone, Davis Guggenheim, Rupert Sanders, Lance Acord, Louis CK, Emmanuel Lebeski, Wally Pfister, Mario Testino, Annie Liebovitz, Patrick Demarchelier, etc.

With a smart and dedicated bilingual staff, Gung-Ho provides world-class support to all types and sizes of international productions.

Dear Mandy.com listed production crew:

A recent scam targeting you is going around. The scammer uses legitimate companies like ours. If you receive a text or email from us looking to hire you, please note, WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR U.S. CREW.  For more information on this scam, please see this website: